About Us

VirtualWorkz, is a group of freelancers and was established in July, 2016. We bring a wide range of professional freelance services for entrepreneurs, start-up companies, small to large businesses and private clients. Our team is represented by a creative and diverse group of members with professional backgrounds in various fields. We are concentrated and diligent workers who are fully suited to transact complex projects, meet tight deadlines and execute high quality work. What makes us different from the rest is that our team provides a wide array of services, whereas others may provide one or a few services. We are based in the Philippines but we have clients from all over the world.

Our Vision

Unlimited opportunities for our Clients and Teams.

Our Mission

Our mission is to consistently operate with a positive and friendly attitude intertwined with a strong and disciplined work ethic. Our clients are our priority and we guarantee that each assignment that is produced is to the highest quality or we will work until our client is satisfied.

***As a professional team contractors, quality customer service is first and foremost. It is our obligation to value what our clients want to share with others. Our method is very simple; we take an idea and make it into reality. Quality work, affordable rates, along with professional service are the hallmark of our company.

Our Team

Our team members represent the spirit: driven and committed. We have skills and expertise in any type of work, providing a wealth of knowledge for our clients to leverage. Our team has a greatest resource: nothing is possible without a strong team! We are committed in doing the best work. All team members have been pre-screen and vetted, which guarantees that our clients will be matched up with the appropriate team member depending on their business needs.

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